Pond Creek-Hunter Public School is a consolidated pk-12 school located in North Central Oklahoma in the city of Pond Creek. Located twenty-two miles North of Enid, Pond Creek is a city of nearly one thousand people. The school has an Average Daily Membership of three hundred sixteen and employs a teaching staff of twenty-three teachers and a support staff numbering thirteen. The Net Assessed Value for the district is $62 million with a sinking fund levy of 20.79 mils. The general fund operating budget for Pond Creek-Hunter Schools is $4,700,000. The patrons of the school district have approved bond issues to provide a new High School, renovate the Middle School and Elementary School, build a new gymnasium and a lease purchase a new football stadium with artificial turf and track. The district is committed to digital learning with one to one initiative to provide Windows based Lenovo Yoga Thinkpads for all students in grades 5-12, and additionally laptop carts for all grades prek-4. All classrooms in the district are equipped with Smart Technology and the district provides distance learning by means of TruTouch computer monitors. The district provides instruction in the Arts including programs in Band, Vocal and the visual arts. We have personalized learning. Students have the option to complete coursework at an advanced pace in core classes. This allows for students to graduate early or take college classes while still in high school. The district reimburses students up to $500 per semester for college courses that they finish with a grade above a C. In the 2022-2023 school year seniors earned 345 college credits. PreK-12 students have “Let’s inspire innovation N Kids” breaks. These recesses allow brain breaks for the purpose of boosting quality academic time. K-8 students use Alpha Plus as a supplemental curriculum aligned with state standards. Beginning in grade 5 each student creates an individualized career academic plan as a guide for graduation and a future career. The district requires and pays for all teachers to attain their master’s degree within 5 years of being employed in the district.